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Immigration Psychological Assessments

At the Multicultural Counseling Center - Immigration Services Department, we assist individuals and families in their immigration process. If your attorney has requested that you obtain a psychological assessment from an immigration assessment clinician, we are here to help you with these services. We have a vast experience working with individuals from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. 


Immigration Psychological Assessment

 An Immigration Psychological Assessment is used to help immigration courts determine whether an individual will be able to remain lawfully in the United States.

An immigration psychological assessment consists of a series of clinical interviews and diagnostic questionnaires. The interpretation and clinical recommendations are written in an 15–20-page report. This written report explains in detail the history, current life, and the difficulties the individual is experiencing. It also explains the possible mental health outcome for the individual if there is a separation from a loved one or a relocation to another country.

Why Do I Need an Immigration Psychological Assessment?

In our experience, a psychological assessment adds a relevant value to an immigration case. 

Our comprehensive assessment is conducted by a knowledgeable mental health professional, and will include the factors of your psychological well-being. The report is thoroughly written, and will be used by your attorney to effectively support your case and move forward with the appropriate immigration proceedings.

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What Type of Immigration Cases Benefit from an Immigration Psychological Assessment?

Psychological Immigration Assessments and reports are used in five major areas of immigration proceedings:

Extreme Hardship Cases – I-601 Application for Waiver of Grounds of Inadmissibility and I-601A Application for Provisional Unlawful Presence Waiver

A psychological assessment can be a strong and valuable evidence in extreme hardship waivers to show that a relative would suffer extreme hardship if they were separated from the applicant or if the relative leaves the US and relocates to another country to be with the applicant.


Extremely and Unusual Hardship – EOIR 42B Application for Cancellation of Removal (Deportation) and Adjustment of Status

A psychological assessment can also be a valuable piece of evidence in cancellation of removal cases to show that a relative would suffer extreme and unusual hardship if the applicant were to be deported and how it will impact qualifying relatives.


Asylum - I-589- Application for Political Asylum

In asylum cases, we will inquire about the circumstances that caused you to flee your home country with the objective of establishing that persecution has led to psychological or emotional harm. 


Spousal Abuse (VAWA) - I-360- Violence Against Women Act Application

A psychological assessment can be used in VAWA cases to establish the emotional / psychological harm done to you, as a survivor of battery or extreme cruelty committed by a U.S Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident spouse or family member. 


U Visa - I-918 and T- Visa - I-914 Application for U- Nonimmigrant Status and T-Nonimmigrant Status

Survivors of serious crimes or human trafficking may be eligible for legal status in the United States by applying for T-Visa and U-Visa. A psychological assessment can be used to document significant psychological harm the applicant may have experienced as a result of a survivor of crime or human trafficking. 


What is the Process Like for Obtaining a Psychological Assessment at MCC?

A psychological assessment begins with a consultation with you and your attorney to gather relevant information about your case and its specific legal issues. 

The process for each case differs from client to client, however, the psychological assessment can be completed after a minimum of 4 meetings. 


The average timeline is as followed:

(a) the first appointment with the coordinator to gather biopsychosocial history

(b) the first appointment with a clinician to gather information on specific concerns

(c) the second appointment with a clinician to administer questionnaires

(d) last appointment with the coordinator to review detailed information in the assessment prior to sending a digital copy of the final written report to you and your attorney.

Please note: additional appointments may be needed, based on your case. 

In addition to meeting with you, in some cases, it is necessary for the clinician to speak with other people who know you and who may have important information. The clinician may also request access to certain documents or reports that we use as collateral information to complete the assessment. 

All appointments for your psychological assessment will take place via telehealth, except under certain circumstances*. The standard turnaround time for the completed report is 4-6 weeks from the last appointment. Rushed reports are available for an additional fee. 

Once the clinical recommendations are given by the clinician, the Immigration Services Coordinator can meet with you to help connect you and your family to additional resources if needed.

*You will need to contact the office for special accommodations.

How Much Will a Psychological Assessment Cost Me?

The cost depends on the type of immigration assessment and the number of family members or relatives we will be interviewing. 

The cost includes all sessions, diagnostic questionnaires, follow-up contacts, a digital copy of the written report that is sent to you and your attorney, and referrals to additional services that may be needed. 

We guarantee a total cost without hidden charges. Contact us for a consultation to determine the assessment fees.



  • Are immigration psychological assessments covered by insurance?  

    • No, immigration psychological assessments are not covered by insurance. 

  • For how long is an assessment valid for?  

    • Typically, psychological assessments for an immigration case are valid for one year. After one year, you will have to meet with our clinician again to update the report or be subject to get a new assessment done.

  • How soon can I start with a psychological assessment? 

    • As soon as your attorney requests for you to get an assessment done, please reach out to us to begin the process. It can take us anywhere between 2-3 months to have your report completed and signed. Call us at 385-419-0216 to make an appointment.

  • Can you guarantee that the psychological assessment will help win my case?

    • No. Although we cannot guarantee that you will win your case with a psychological assessment, the assessment will strengthen and support your case. 

  • I am receiving mental health services at MCC, can my therapist do an immigration assessment for me?

    • No, only one clinician at MCC is offering psychological assessments. Please call us at 385-419-0216 the to begin the process.

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