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Family Support Services (FSS)

Family Support Services offers support, education, and advocacy to individuals and their family. A Family Support Specialist (FSS) works in collaboration with our MCC team (therapist and skills counselor) in order to aid the client and their family in reaching their treatment goals.

Treatment Process

Family Support Services primarily focuses on providing the following services:


Peer Support: 

Peer support services are part of the array of services necessary for a culturally competent recovery. Peer support services are provided by individuals who have experienced mental health under a similar circumstance of those who we serve.


Under this model, peer support staff allow the individual to be able to connect with other members of the community who have healed and moved forward. Peer support staff offer insight to the lived experience and offer hope and healing possibilities in the future.



Case management:

Case management takes place at the micro and macro level; as intervention occurs at both the client (patient and family) and system levels.


Case Management is a method of providing services in collaboration with the individual to access community services in order for the individual and family to have their basic needs covered. When receiving case management an assessment of the needs of the client takes place throughout the process of receiving services as individual circumstances change. A case manager usually arranges, coordinates, monitors, and advocates on behalf of the client within various organizations and systems of care.

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