About us



The mission statement of Multicultural Counseling Center is To help individuals, families, and communities in their recovery by providing effective trauma-informed short-term behavioral health services under a continuum of care model.


To provide readily available access to a broad variety of behavioral health treatment modalities that incorporate the body, mind, spirit and cultural values to promote the recovery of individuals, families and communities.  

MCC Philosophy

At Multicultural Counseling Center we believe that all individuals regardless of their trials in life deserve to be treated with dignity and respect. We believe that all human relationships lie within a complex systems structure that involves family, institutions, and society. We believe in providing services that recognize the impact of trauma and its rippled effect. We believe in restorative care and the ability of humans to adapt and adjust. We believe in holistic wellness model that addresses all areas impacting well- being starting with ensuring all individuals have their basic needs met.


Jose Gonzalez

Friendly people that know what they are doing! I recommend for anyone who is looking for therapy.

Maria Sanchez

"Has helped me a lot to go through hard times in my life, the staff is really warm and helpful".

Joaquin Jimenez

"Made a huge difference in my life! For those who are seeking help, they will be able to help you the best way possible".

Nini Gomez

"I was pleasantly surprised by the service and professionalism shown by the multicultural counseling center team".