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Our staff consists of personnel ranging from licensed social workers, marriage and family therapists, interns from graduate and undergraduate programs, peer support specialists, case managers and office support personnel. All of our staff members are fluent in English and Spanish.

Karla Arroyo, LCSW -Executive Director/Founder 

Karla Arroyo was born and raised in Mexico City where she earned her Bacherlors Degree in Economics from the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM). Karla moved to Provo, Utah in June of 1999 and earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Utah in 2006. Karla is currently enrolled in the PhD program at the University of Utah, College of Social Work. Karla has spent the last 10 years working with the Latino community in Salt Lake County and some rural areas within the State of Utah. Her involvement in the community has been direct clinical practice, community organization and most recently she has focused on developing and expanding pilot programs offering counseling and peer support through telehealth.  Her clinical practice has focused trauma survivors, specifically, domestic violence, sexual assault, and human trafficking victims. 

Her research interests are in the area of the intersection of domestic violence and substance abuse. 

Karla is working full-time as the Director of the Multicultural Counseling Center,MCC an agency that provides counseling to individuals, children, families and couples and that specializes in trauma survivors. Her practice utilizes a multidimensional framework, systems theory and trauma informed care when delivering interventions.

Lupita Shober, LCSW - Clinical Director / Therapist 

Lupita Shober was born and raised in Venezuela but has lived most of her life in Utah. Lupita’s main source of happiness involves spending time with her husband and three children. In her free time, Lupita enjoys spending time in the outdoors, hiking, biking, and skiing. However, her everyday activity is walking. She enjoys cooking and being a homemaker 

In her journey she has learned the impact that environmental and genetic factors have and has also learned approaches that are effective in problem-solving, supporting and helping while taking into account the uniqueness of each individual.

María Margarita Miller was born in Bogotá D.C, the capital city of the Republic of Colombia in South America. Her willingness to serve and help others led her to study a professional career that would allow her to achieve her goal and for that reason she chose Clinical Social WorK where through psychotherapy it is possible to give support to those who require it, allowing them to improve their quality of life.

After completing her high school studies in Bogota DC, Colombia, and according to her willingness to serve, Maria Miller studied at the University of Utah, an institution that awarded her a professional degree in Social Work on 2008 and a Certified license as Social service Worker in the State of UT. Subsequently, María studied at Boise State University in Idaho, an institution that granted her a Master Degree in Clinical Social Work in 2015, and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker License in 2017. She also has an Associate of Science and  Social Work from Salt Lake Community College, obtained in 2005. On the other hand, Maria is also certified as a Provider for treatment of offenders in domestic violence, 2018, and as a Sexual Assault Counselor in 2018.

Maria Miller, LCSW - Therapist

Berta Rodriguez, LMHC - Therapist

Berta was born in the city of Concepcion in southern Chile, where she grew up and began her studies at the San Sebastian University to later move to Santiago de Chile to finish her Master's Degree in Psychology at the Bolivarian University in April, 2002, mainly motivated to follow this career, since her mother was one of the first university social workers in Chile, which was her great example of service.

After 10 years of experience in her country, and for personal and professional reasons to increase her knowledge, she decides to travel to the United States in 2012 with her two children and husband.

Leonardo Pérez, MFT - Therapist

Leo Perez was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico and moved to the U.S.A in 1998 when he was 3 years old. He has been living in Utah for about 21 years. Leo graduated with a B.S. in behavioral science from UVU in 2016 and an M.S. in marriage and family therapy from BYU in 2019. Leo decided to pursue a career in mental health mainly because of personal experiences with therapy. He also witnessed the incredible need for Latinx mental health providers and realized that he wanted to be part of improving mental health service access to all. Leo enjoys listening to music, reading, traveling, and spending time with family.


Joanna Onorato, MSW - Therapist

Joanna was raised in Alaska, but has found her home in Utah’s desert. In 2014, she moved to Utah to work as an Americorps VISTA volunteer. Since then, Joanna has worked as a community advocate, ESL teacher, certified medical interpreter, and outreach coordinator for the Moab Valley Multicultural Center. She studied at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana; Buenos Aires, Argentina; and Quito, Ecuador. She has majors in philosophy, political science, and Spanish. Currently, she is a Master of Social Work student at USU-Moab. For a year, Joanna has been honored to serve as a therapist aiding and empowering people of all ages to live better and happier lives. When she’s not working, you can find her in nature enjoying mountain biking, rock climbing, snowboarding, or spending time with her dogs. 

Roberto Lara, MSWI

Roberto is a therapist intern currently pursuing his MSW at the University of Utah. He is a graduate of Prescott College with a degree in Counseling Psychology. Prior to moving to Utah, Roberto spent more than 12 years working in the adventure travel and guiding industries in and around Cusco and the Amazon Basin in Peru where he was born and raised in. Later on, his work as a guide took him through the majority of Central and South America, as well as overseas to Europe and parts of Africa, leading both large and small client groups focused on culturally immersive service work.  

Upon relocating to Southern Utah, Roberto spent the next ten years working in wilderness therapy as a field instructor, logistical support team member, mentor, and program director. He developed multiple domestic and international excursions designed for both individuals and families looking to experience adventure travel combined with a foundational therapeutic component. He led several trips through the Uinta Mountains, Moab, and Nepal. 

Roberto’s commitment to social work and the helping process are clear in his interactions with clients of all backgrounds. His passion is working with those in the Latinx community, and serving as a resource for all of those seeking support. Roberto is fluent in English and Spanish.

Jeannette Villalta - Community Liaison

Jeannette was born in Guatemala and have been living in Salt Lake City for 20 years now. She has worked as a Community Wellness Coach for the Hispanic Healthcare Task force and Cancer Program Coordinator for Alliance Community Services. She studied Business Administration in Guatemala City, Certified as a Case Manager, Peer Support Specialist and Health Coach by the University of Utah. Certified as a Victim Assistance Advocate by the Office of Victims of Crime. Certified as Sexual Assault Advocate by Utah Coalition Against Sexual Assault. Graduated from Humanities course Westminster College, Humanities in Focus Filming, and Westside Leadership. She is an active member of the Community working as a Community Health Worker for over 18 years and constantly learning new things for the sake of being able to teach the people around her and for that effort she was a recipient of the Trailblazer Award by the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Utah. 

Claudia Gonzalez - Case Manager

Claudia Gonzalez is originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. She has lived in the USA for 29 years. She is married to Ciro Jimenez and has two handsome and talented kids Dani 16 and Jose 25 years old. Claudia came to Utah 20 years ago, arriving to Midvale City where she remains to be a loyal resident. 

Claudia has always had the spirit of serving her Hispanic community and Midvale City gave her that opportunity by becoming not just a proactive volunteer but a strong advocate in different issues that effected her community.

Milagros (Milly) Rivera - Peer Support Specialist

Milly Rivera was born in Panamá and very proud of her two cultures Lebanese/Panamanian. Milly is the

mother of two beautiful children (Bryan & Mackenzie), whom are her true-life inspiration. Milly has received the following degrees and certifications from the Salt Lake community college (Social Science, PRN, Public Relations and Public Notary). In 2018 Milly received a certification in Business and Marketing through the Utah Hispanic of Chamber and the University of Utah Business Center. In 2019 Milly received 2 certifications as a (Peer Support Specialist and Wraparound Facilitator), through the

Department of Human Services/Division of Substance and Mental Health and the Utah Family Coalition.

She is a strong advocate on providing care and resources for those in need among her Latino

community. Milly’s personal interest are to continue learning, be more knowledgeable each day and apply the same learning towards the fight against domestic violence, child/youth abuse, sexual abuse, human trafficking and be a defender of women’s rights. She is most passionate about modeling for local photographers, agencies and designers.

Mariana Aguila

Agent / Receptionist

April Bernabe

Administrative Assistant


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