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Substance Use 

Telehealth offers individuals and couples the opportunity to engage in therapy from a remote location using a computer or portable device.


Treatment Process

The treatment process in telehealth is the same as the one that takes place in an office. We ask the client who engages in telehealth to join the sessions in a space that is calmed and where the client can express freely. This can be their bedroom, car, a private room in a close by library.

The first appointment though telehelath may seem a bit confusing as technology has to be learned and throughout the first session the therapist and the client may have to work out issues related to the use of portable devices

However, once this is all under control, the first appointment is the time for the therapist and the client to get to know each other, establish rapport and share important information so that the treatment can incorporate the biopshychosocial components of the clients.

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