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Victims of Crime

Unfortunately, many individuals in our communities have been victims of crime. No one is responsible for the crime that they experienced. However, after experiencing a traumatic event and in a normal response our brains often distort our day to day experiences and cognitions making sometimes impossible to continue our daily lives.

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Treatment Process 

As a victim of a crime remember it was not your fault.


The process of therapy with victims of crime follows the same order as any other type of emotional issue for which therapy is needed.


The first appointment is called an assessment appointment where the therapist

and the clients get to know each other. During this appointment information about the crime and other biopsychosocial information is shared for the therapist and the client to develop a treatment plan that addresses the needs of the individual. As the negative consequences of crime impact not only the victim but also their family members, often is suggested that other family members also engage in treatment to support the victim and to work on their own reactions, feelings, and experiences due to being secondary survivors of the crime.


Using evidence-based treatment models when working with victims of crime is essential in helping victims overcome the negative consequences of such traumatic experiences. All of our team members have been trained in trauma response and utilize the TF-CBT and CF-TSI treatment models in therapy.

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