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Immigration Evaluations

Immigration Mental Health Evaluations are often required by immigration lawyers when individuals are engaged in different immigration procedures.

  • Case Management

Evaluation Process 


An immigration evaluation usually takes 4-6 appointments and takes an average of 10 labor hours (interviews and write-up). The first appointment is an assessment appointment where the therapist assistant and the client meet to gather information about the background of the client.


Since many individuals seeking these evaluations have experienced trauma after the first sessions the therapist assistant will offer the ethical support system that is required when traumatic experiences are recalled, one or more sessions may be used to ensure the client is emotionally stable. One appointment will be set apart for the client to complete psychometric assessments. Psychometric assessments are used by the therapist to enhance the accuracy of the diagnosis and treatment prognosis and add validity to your legal case.


The last session is scheduled to translate the report to the client and ensure the accuracy of all information. Once the client has reviewed all the information, the report is printed, and the evaluation is complete.

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